Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 11 Review: Absolute heartbreak!

Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 11 Review: Absolute heartbreak!

Meray Pass Tum Ho has become a drug, an addiction for the masses. Every week, more ad more of us find ourselves turning back to this tale of deceit and heartbreak and have our own hearts broken for the pain we witness on screen.

Each week, we hate Mehwish even more. Each week, we curse Danish for loving his selfish wife, more than she deserves. But we really cannot bring ourselves to hate Shahwar, reason, he’s being perfectly played by Adnan Siddiqui. Perhaps its part of Adnan Siddiqui’s charisma that makes the despicable character that Shahwar is, likeable for the audience. Likeable in a sense that you don’t immediately detest Shahwar for what he is. Had Shahwar been played by someone else, or had we met a Shahwar in our real lives, we would have cringed at his forwardness and his upfront dishonesty, but in the drama, its Adnan Siddiqui’s character that makes you fall for Shahwar as well.

This week’s episode made you hate Mehwish more than ever. In fact you were able to read the character more like an open book in this episode. Mehwish is a kind of woman who will not stop at anything to get what she wants. Mehwish is extremely materialistic, so much so that she doesn’t even care about her own flesh and blood. The scene where she makes an obvious statement to tell Roomi that she’s left country for some work made you cringe at Mehwish’s heartlessness. How can a mother abandon her child just like that. Although she thinks she can get Roomi back once she’s settled, but the thought of causing any trauma to the kid is acceptable to her in exchange for money. Ayeza Khan’s potrayal of Mehwish has been spot on, her eyes, her expression each and everything land right on point.

On the other hand we have Danish’s character. Perhaps Mehwish’s love has made him weak. He cares about Mehwish more than anything to do otherwise. The moment where Shahwar hands him the phone to check Mehwish’s pictures in the pink nighty, and the helplessness that comes on his face realising he’s lost his wife for good is just heartbreaking. Danish’s shivering hands, his teary eyes and his helpless face, Humayun Saeed nailed each and every detail Danish was expected to portray and convinced the audience of his acting prowess.

Last night was absolutely heartbreaking for Danish. Yet we find ourselves thinking whether there has ever been a husband like Danish who would be so civil after discovering his wife cheated on him. Or perhaps that’s what the writer wants to convey about Danish’s heartbreak, that he doesn’t even want to stop Mehwish now.

Nadeem Baig’s direction coupled with the performances of his lead cast have definitely hooked the audience to Meray Pass Tum Ho. The craze isn’t dying anytime soon, not unless we find out what will happen to Mehwish as a consequence of whatever she’s been doing.

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