Mehwish Hayat To Appear In A TV Show Produced By Angelina Jolie

Mehwish Hayat To Appear In A TV Show Produced By Angelina Jolie

With the rise of women’s power globally, celebrities like Mehwish Hayat and Angelina Jolie have decided to come to terms with the effects of their influence.

That is why Angelina has teamed up with BBC and Microsoft to produce a global show, My World. The core aim of this show is to provide teenagers with facts about international issues. They would be given the opportunity to share their opinions on global matters.

Mehwish Hayat will be interviewed for the show, as per a recent post on her Instagram account.


“The roles that I’ve done, they have been the type that has broken stereotypes. I really want the male actor and female actor to get the same amount of money so they get an equal amount of respect,” stated Mehwish.

“Social media if used the right way can be really helpful and healthy and progressive; it can build people up,” she further added.

She also cared to mention that the new episode will be aired soon but she did not clearly specify when.

My World will have a safe and trusted platform for teenagers, who are open to all the information on social media but unsure about their accuracy. Moreover, it would save them from the dangers of what is known as “Fake News”. It would globally connect the youth through a single platform that would be open to their thoughts and opinions.

The show will broadcast weekly on Sundays on the BBC World News for half-an-hour. It will also be shared with BBC’s 42 different language services.

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