Models vs Designers: The Shady Side Of Fashion Industry

Models vs Designers: The Shady Side Of Fashion Industry

“Whatever you do, do it with dedication and you’ll be rewarded,” is what I’ve always been told and I’ve preached to others countless times but this doesn’t seem to hold true for Karachi based model, Marvi Shabbir. Shabbir posted on her Facebook handle about a situation that she had to face and I am appalled.

Marvi Shabbir Wrote on FaceBook

Marvi Shabbir recounts that she was modeling for a well-known designer by the name of Zainab Salman and had to be on set by 4.00 am. She further says that although she wasn’t feeling well that day, she decided to go ahead with the project since a “commitment is a commitment”. The shoot took place 2 hours drive outside of Lahore and after she was done with the 4 hours long shoot which was further delayed because of some technical glitches she was asked to do a video as well which she hadn’t signed up for. Marvi requested the designer to renegotiate the terms in light of this development but Zainab Salman got verbally abusive and asked Shabbir to leave the premises. She didn’t provide the conveyance for her ride back home nor did she pay her the full amount, all the while berating her.

Shabbir further expresses how she is still traumatized by the event and is disappointed at the fashion Industry for not coming together and protecting the rights of its new models.

I am shocked to hear her story and am dismayed at the level of disrespect and humiliation she had to go through just for doing her job. Designers like Zainab Salman should be held responsible and the nepotism in the industry should be dealt with. It is high time we start treating models with the same respect as any other actor or director who works their butts off. I wish Marvi Shabbir all the best in her future endeavors and sincerely hope that the industry takes notice of this incident.

Posted by Marvi Shabbir on Tuesday, July 23, 2019


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