Mahira Khan Reveals Her SundayToSunday Beauty Ritual For Staying HameshaReady

Mahira Khan Reveals Her SundayToSunday Beauty Ritual For Staying HameshaReady

Through the newly launched Veet TVC, Mahira Khan, Pakistan’s beloved celebrity, revealed her beauty secret of using Veet every Sunday to stay #HameshaReady (always ready).

Veet, a leading brand in the depilatory category, manufactured by Reckitt Benckiser Pakistan Limited (RBPL) promises silky smooth skin for 7 days. This message was delivered through the latest TVC which features Mahira Khan confidently conquering life without having to worry about unwanted hair. We see a typical week in her life involving high fashion photoshoots, inspirational speeches and intensive yoga sessions. She is able to embrace each day with confidence and passion because she uses Veet every #SundayToSunday to stay #HameshaReady.

Humayun Farooq, Director Marketing – Health, talking about the latest communication by Veet said, “The brand is up to speed with its ever-changing consumers who live life to conquer their goals without letting unwanted hair, or anything else, hold them back. Mahira Khan is an aspiration for every Veet girl and even she is able to keep up with her hectic schedule through Veet. So, the secret is out and now no girl will feel left behind!”

Through this TVC, the brand has encouraged girls to dedicate Sundays to unwinding and rejuvenating for the challenges to come in the upcoming week. It has encouraged multiple celebrities and bloggers to come forward with their own Sunday beauty rituals to ensure they are #HameshaReady (always ready).

So, let’s all pledge to use Veet every #SundayToSunday to stay #HameshaReady! #JustVeetIt

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