LUX STYLE AWARDS 2019 – Celebrities Questioning the Credibility Of The Awards

LUX STYLE AWARDS 2019 – Celebrities Questioning the Credibility Of The Awards

Lux Style Awards 2019 are still leaving trickling effects on the industry of Pakistani fashion, film, and Tv. With fans and celebrities before the award showed resistance to nominations but now it’s a different story. Many stars and celebrities are all questioning the credibility of LSA.

Lux Style Awards are the biggest and prestigious awards in the country and when you see Nepotism you speak. Fans and fraternity all are upset and believe the award is the center of nepotism.

Celebrities and Designers Are Not Being Sent Invites To LUX STYLE AWARDS 2019 Anymore!

On the red carpet of the prestigious award show only those stars appear that are either nominated or performing. Some producers and directors despite being nominated are not invited. Showing resistance to nominations also got people uninvited to the show proving it to be a very bias guest list.

Ace designer, Maheen Khan also takes her voice to social media and writes her heart out.

Maheen Khan at LUX STYLE AWARDS 2019

Lux Style Awards 2019 Nominee Model Zara Abid has a lot to say too. She questions the jury and standards on which the awards are handed out.

Farwa Kazmi blew steam too as she tells the story of how it’s always between Karachi and Lahore. She explains her views and why she believes LSA is bogus.

Saba Sikandar and Eman Suleman also believe the fashion industry should have their own awards.

Make-up artists Omayr Waqar and Fatima Nasir opened their own pandora’s box. Waqar complains about famous names not paying remunerations while Fatima thinks it is a disaster altogether.

The blogging community within the groups also have a lot to say about the jury and nominations. LSA came just like it had been expected which is an utter disappointment.

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