LIVE WITH HSY – HSY Takes Show To Instagram

LIVE WITH HSY – HSY Takes Show To Instagram

The brilliant fashion designer, director, television host, and visionary, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin aka HSY is best known for his endearing persona. However, he has recently grasped our attention with his series, LIVE with HSY. Yasin decided to put a twist on social distancing by hosting a LIVE session on his Instagram with Pakistani A-Listers as he goes into deep dives about what they are up to, their experiences in the industry, personal lives and more. His questions are uncut, personal, and bold with anecdotes for viewers. Here are our favorite uncut moments from LIVE with HSY:

HSY WIth Mahira Khan On Live WIth HSY

In the Mahira Khan episode which went viral, HSY asks the actress about her personal life and who she’s in love with. At some point he accidentally also shares the name ‘Salim’ and also manages to get Mahira to finally state, “yes he is the one!”

Live with HSY - Hira Mani

Known to be bold, we see HSY in the episode with Hira and Mani, openly discussing his first impression of Mani as he shares, “when we first met, I thought you didn’t like me and thought you would definitely say something I wouldn’t like.” However, later he reveals that once they got to know each other this wasn’t the case at all and they actually turned out to be very good friends.

Aiman and Muneeb on LIVE with HSY

In the interview with Aiman and Muneeb Butt, Aiman gets candid about the inner workings of the fashion industry as she discloses that tailors are one of the most sacred assets of any fashion brand. A fact many might know but very few would share openly.

Syra Yousuf on LIVE with HSY

Although HSY is authentic and stays true to who he is, he also understands the importance of respecting other people’s boundaries. In the interview with Syra Yousuf, the actress expresses her appreciation towards him for being understanding of certain reservations people might have about their private life.

Given the current state of the world right now, LIVE with HSY is the kind of show we need. Using friendly banter, Yasin allows celebrities to talk openly about their experiences, forming an organic connection between them and the audience during these difficult times.

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