Kubra Khan Says Her Character In Alif Has Changed Her Life

Kubra Khan Says Her Character In Alif Has Changed Her Life

TV and film actress Kubra Khan is currently starring in ongoing drama serial Alif where she is essaying the character of Husn e Jahan, a popular actress and prolific dancer of a bygone golden era who suddenly left everything to marry the man she loved and moved to Turkey.

It seems the actress has this role very close to her heart as she penned a heartfelt note on Instagram pouring out love for the drama in general and her character in particular.

“I didn’t act Husne Jahan, I lived her,” she wrote. “Every actor at least once in their life comes across a character, a script, that changes their life. Husn e Jahan, you’re that moment of impact for me,” added the starlet.

“You taught me strength, how to take the leap of faith, resilience, patience, selflessness and you will always be a huge part of me,” Khan further added addressing the lessons the role taught her.

Kubra Khan believes that this role is in Alif much more than an award for her.

“This may sound like a speech but the love received and the lessons learned are worth so much more than any award could for me.”

Following this, the actor thanked her co-stars and the makers of Alif and concluded her post by thanking the Almighty Allah.

“Thank you Sana Shahnawaz for fighting for me, Haseeb Hasan, for putting up with me and going against all odds, let’s face it I couldn’t do it with you. Ahsan Khan, for being your amazing self. Umer Ahmed, you are excellence, every word pierced through my heart. Pehlaaj, my Momin for being the best son I could’ve asked for. Mera Qalb, oh you did so much you’d never know.”

“And last but most definitely not the least, glory be to you O Supreme one, you certainly are the best of the planners. Thank You for The pain, the journey, the stumbles, the falls and then holding my hand.”

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