Kiran Fine Jewellery opens a boutique flagship store in Karachi

KFJ - Jewellery Pieces (3)Coveted jewellery designer and entrepreneur Kiran Aman launched a standalone flagship boutique for her eponymous jewellery brand Kiran Fine Jewellery at Ocean Mall, Clifton, Karachi on 03rd February 2014.

iran Aman
Kiran Aman

Alongside the brand’s signature textured gold collections and pieces, the new KFJ boutique further showcases the ‘So KFJ’ line, known for its classic signature style with textured and beaten gold in 22-23K gold and the ‘Kino’ line. The name Kino translates into the word cinema in most languages. Indeed the concept of cinema, in its original form, means motion and movement – a character trait reflected in the brand Kino. Taking from growth and metamorphosis Kino will serve as a platform to launch aspiring jewellery designers and artists’ work which will be completely different from a goldsmith’s design.

To this end, with So KFJ, Kiran Aman introduced two collections at her boutique; ‘Esoteric: things that are understood by a select few’ – a collection representing an assemblage of small symbols. Made of 22k gold, each symbol is manifest of a visual image for auspiciousness, prosperity and happiness joined together to create a larger form which will hold its own personal meaning for each individual. The brand also revealed the collection, Nau: A name of Persian origin, meaning new, Nau is an extension of the brands Barzakh collection (2012) with an advanced laser cutting technique on beaten gold. Moreover, the KFJ Kino line will launch its next collection in March 2014.
The furniture for the store has been done by Zumirrah by Rabia Hassan.

The launched event was attended by celebrities, corporate personalities and socialites alike, including Oscar winning film-maker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy; fashion designers Adnan Pardesy, Shamaeel Ansari, Sanam Chaudhri, Maheen Karim, Deepak Perwani, Sadaf Malaterre, Feeha Jamshed and Umair Tabani of Sania Maskatiya; interior designer Rabia Hassan; chocolatier Lal Majid; photographers Izdeyar Setna and Khaula Jamil; musicians Naad-e-Ali Zaidi and Aliya Chinoy along with members of the esteemed press. The event was managed by CKO with public relations by Lotus PR.

On the launch of her flagship boutique, Kiran Aman has said, “As we celebrate ten years as a brand, the opening of our boutique at Ocean Mall is an exciting move towards accessible retail, with a store open to all mall patrons and not just by appointment only. Attention to individual detail has always been a hallmark for KFJ and in this vein, the boutiques’ ambience and interior has been stylised to reflect a manifestation of my jewellery and lifestyle design aesthetic. Also, at the new KFJ flagship boutique we endeavour to further our more personalized way of retailing jewellery, with only a limited selection of pieces available at a time in store.”

Indeed, the Kiran Fine Jewellery brand is renowned for encapsulating the woman of substance, who wears jewellery not simply to adorn but to reflect the essence within. At KFJ each piece of jewellery is crafted with the finest materials with a deliberate focus on gold, as designer Kiran Aman believes its strength, warmth and malleability is a veritable representation of the women for whom she designs.

Kiran Fine Jewellery’s flagship boutique is now open at Ocean Mall in Clifton [Karachi] located at Shop#210 on the Second Floor.

About Kiran Fine Jewellery:
Founded by the multi-faceted Kiran Aman, Kiran Fine Jewellery epitomizes the woman of substance, who wears jewellery not simply to adorn but to reflect the essence within. E,ach piece of jewellery is crafted with the finest materials with a deliberate focus on gold, as the designer believes its strength, warmth and malleability is a veritable representation of the women for whom she designs. Indeed Kiran maintains that her collections are often an extension of herself and to this end are always aesthetically conceptual and realised through trends and symbols that define her contemporary ethos. Manifestations of this are found in the 2007 ‘Revived’ collection and the 2008 book ‘Revived The Journey Within’ by Kiran Fine Jewellery whose conceptual philosophy explored the four emotional states of a woman’s journey depicted through jewellery, featuring fourteen women from the fashion and design industry. In 2008, Kiran Fine Jewellery revealed the ‘Markings’ collection, a one off symbolic piece which signified the marks one leaves along the path of life. In 2010, Kiran launched her collection, ‘Time Scripts Man. Man Scripts Time’, blended the old with the new to present designs that provoke nostalgia while treading a modern edge and in 2011, she launched her exclusive collection entitled ‘Meet Your Void’, based on the idea of the suspension of irregular shaped stones held by uneven textured gold but in the harmony of balanced designs.
In December 2011, Kiran showcased her boutique jewellery collection ‘Sceptres of Beauty’ at the PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week in Lahore to much acclaim showcasing jewellery pieces such as necklaces, earrings, pendants, rings and teekas (head and forehead adornments) handmade with cutwork and carving using metals such as gold and silver and stones such as lapis, coral and malachite together with red and green sapphires. In April 2012, Kiran introduced two new lines, So KFJ and Kino. Kiran exclusively previewed So KFJ’s first collection ‘Barzakh’ at the Ponds Gold Radiance Gold carpet at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2012 and Kino’s debut collection ‘Shavings’ alongside fashion designer Maheen Karim’s collection at Showcase 2012. In 2013, Kiran celebrated nine years of her brand Kiran Fine Jewellery [KFJ] with a photographic exhibition and launch of ‘Kam Sukhan’, a book which honoured the extraordinary talents of nine female Pakistani photographers. In 2014, Kiran launches her first standalone retail store and will be launching 2 new collections under the brand’s So KFJ line. The brand will further be introducing a new collection under its Kino line in 2014.
Kiran has received accolades for her work in jewellery design, which includes the Nesvita Women of Strength award for Best Jewellery Designer along with the Woman of the Nation Award presented by Alkaram. Her coveted jewellery collection ‘Revived’ at the 2007 Citigold Lux Style Awards was worn by the likes of actresses Reema, Bushra Ansari and Maria Wasti. Her jewellery has further been worn by iconic models, stylists, celebrities and Pakistani icons at a variety of shows and events in Pakistan and internationally, including Oscar winner Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy who wore jewellery by KFJ to the 84th Academy Awards Ceremony in 2012, by international stylist Zahra Ayub who wore Alexander McQueen with jewellery by KFJ at her wedding and by leading actress Mahira Khan during her show TUC’s The Lighter Side of Life. Kiran Aman has also custom-designed jewellery for leading actress and model Meesha Shafi in the form of calligraphic earrings titled ‘Bol’ based on Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poetry by the same name, which has been used in the OST for The Reluctant Fundamentalist in which Shafi made Hollywood debut. The 22 karat custom made earrings by Kiran Fine Jewellery feature the poems powerful first lines, ‘Bol, ke lab azaad hain teray,’ starting from one earring and continuing on to the other.

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