Celebrities Come Together For PM IK’s Kashmir Rally

Celebrities Come Together For PM IK’s Kashmir Rally

Celebrities and DG ISPR join PM IK’s Kashmir Rally In Muzaffarabad
Its been 40 days since the complete lockdown imposed by India in Jammu & Kashmir. There’s absolutely no communication from within the valley and food and medical supplies have been running low.

Pakistan has shown its support for Kashmir ever since the Indian atrocities continued to multiply in the region and recently, the entire nation came to a standstill to send a clear message of solidarity with our Kashmiri brethren when the PM called for the Kashmir Hour.

Kashmir Rally by DG ISPR and PM IK in Muzzaffrabad WIth Various Celebrities Will Help Spread The Message Worldwide

Now, following his agenda of showing the world that Pakistan continues to stand behind and support Kashmir against Indian atrocities, Prime Minister Imran Khan held a rally in Muzaffarabad today. And where people of Muzaffarabad came out in great numbers, celebrities from entertainment and sports in Pakistan, too joined IK to support his and Pakistan’s cause.

Stars including Humayun Saeed, Shahid Afridi Maya Ali, Faakhir, Hareem Farooq, Shehzad Roy alongside DG ISPR and other high ranks of Pakistan Defense Forces officials flew to Muzaffarabad to join IK’s rally and
lend their voice for the Kashmir cause.

Pakistan has always stood beside Kashmir and this time, the government and officials are hell-bent on raising the issue and getting international powers to intervene in Kashmir and put a halt to India, destroying all human rights in the valley. IK’s Muzaffarabad rally has definitely sent a very straightforward message to the world. Pakistan stands with Kashmir and we’re not backing down until our Kashmiri brethren get their rights and find freedom.

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