Kahin Deep Jalay Episode 1 Review: Impressive Introductions

Kahin Deep Jalay Episode 1 Review: Impressive Introductions

With Imran Ashraf and Neelam Muneer in the lead, the expectations had been very high from this 7th Sky Entertainment’s production, Kahin Deep Jalay. And, it will be apt to say that the drama actually delivered in the department with its first episode.

Written by Qaisara Hayat, Kahin Deep Jalay has been directed by Saima Waseem and alongside Imran and Neelam, stars Saba Faisal, Saba Hameed, Ali Abbas, Nazish Jahangir, Hammad Farooqui, Syed Arez and Ali Ansari in pivotal roles.

The first episode brought introductions showing how Rida (Neelam Muneer) and Zeeshan (Imran Ashraf) live two separate lives.

Zeeshan is shown as a helpless man who loses everything–mercilessly kicked out of his job and snatched of his home while he goes bankrupt; all due to a man who got his father to sign the wrong documents and proved to be a fraud.

Although scenes like these have become all too cliched, its Imran Ashraf who is portraying Zeeshan here and this man, can blow the soul into every character that he does. Imran Ashraf’s acting moves you right from the word go. He uses his expressions aptly and convinces you of the pain he’s going through.

On the other hand, we have Rida, a sweet-natured, loving girl, the only sister of four brothers. Rida’s family endlessly loves and cares for each other and she’s pampered by all her brothers. However, despite the love and pampering she receives, Rida is a responsible girl, who knows her limitations and is kind to everyone.

Next, we have is Rida’s mother’s sister’s household. Shameela (Nazish Jehangir) plays Rida’s sister in law, who absolutely despises her because of her nature and the fact that she’s the apple of everyone’s eye. Shameela’s household is an envious one with everyone at each other’s throat half the time.

How will Shameela’s jealousy of Rida destroy Rida’s life and how will Zeeshan come out of his crisis? How will Rida and Zeeshan cross paths in life, all wait to be seen as we anticipate the next episode of Kahin Deep Jalay, a highly engrossing drama on Geo Entertainment.

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