Juggun Kazim Shares A Heartfelt Post On Being Pregnant And Body-Shamed

Juggun Kazim Shares A Heartfelt Post On Being Pregnant And Body-Shamed

Juggun Kazim, as wonderful as an actor that she is, the lady is a beautiful human being. Tune into her shows and you’ll find Juggun Kazim radiating positivity. Her endearing nature always complemented with her sweet smile never really leaves her face. That’s how positive and kind Juggun Kazim is.

However, the atrocious society that we live in, especially where people consider it their right to comment on others often trample over the sweetest of people too. Case in point, the recent incident Juggun Kazim had to go through.

The host cum actress, recently took to her social media to open up about a brutal incident where she had lost a pregnancy, without having made it public, and how people had been body-shaming her, mocking her for gaining weight all the time.

Taking to her social media, Juggun shared how she had been recently pregnant and astonishingly gained a lot of weight and started getting fat-shamed by a lot of people. Juggun stated how people had commented on her weight, mocking her for being ‘extra healthy.’

Juggun also shared how her pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage, one that was serious and caused a lot of internal bleeding. And yet, she returned to work because that’s how life went on.

However, rather than making her plight public, Juggun, chose to put up a brave front for the people out there and yet they had the audacity to point out her weight.

Urging people to show some compassion Juggun stated that fat-shaming needed to stop. People needed encouragement and kindness more than criticism and that is how life, which is definitely shorter than a person can imagine, needed to be lived.

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