Jhooti’s ‘Problematic’ Teaser Has Sparked Outrage On Social Media

Jhooti’s ‘Problematic’ Teaser Has Sparked Outrage On Social Media

The teaser of Iqra Aziz, Yasir Hussain and Ahmed Ali Butt starrer, Drama JHOOTI has sparked outrage on social media since its release over the weekend and is being called out by fans for being problematic.

The teaser shows the Ranjha Ranjha Kardi actor calling out men for abusing their male power. She points out some severe bruises on her face claiming that she got them after her husband had beaten her up for petty reasons.

As soon as the viewers start sympathizing with Iqra’s character considering her a domestic abuse victim, her painful facial expressions transform into a look of deceit, leaving the viewers shocked to the core. The remainder of the clip hints that Iqra is faking being a victim of abuse and hence the play is presumably titled Jhooti.

With domestic abuse being a major social problem in Pakistan, the promo of a play, apparently mocking victims of domestic abuse, did not settle with many and caused a stir on social media soon after its release.

People rightly started calling the play misogynistic and accused it of mocking victims of domestic abuse in such a society where such victims are already ignored.

ARY Digital was also called out for airing anti-women plays.

Some were quick to point out that shows like Jhooti trivialise domestic abuse.

A few social media users called out the drama for vilifying women as cheaters and liars.

Fans also criticised Iqra for opting for such a role.

Well, let’s just hope the play has more to it and is not based on what the teaser implies.

Jhooti is directed by Syed Ramish Rizvi and produced by Abdullah Seja. Its release date has not been announced by the makers yet.

Jhooti Drama Teaser

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