Indian Model Sonam Bajwa Admires Sajal Aly

Indian Model Sonam Bajwa Admires Sajal Aly

Our very own starlet Sajal Aly has a huge fan base across the border ever since her Bollywood debut with Mom, alongside late actress Sridevi and veteran actor Adnan Siddiqui. Due to her unparalleled talent and finest acting skills, Sajal is not just admired by ordinary people across the border but also by models and actors.

One of those admirers is the Indian model and actor, Sonam Bajwa. In an interview with BBC Asian Network, Sonam revealed her admiration for Sajal Aly, calling her the best and finest actress of the era.

“I’m the biggest, biggest fan of Sajal Aly. She is phenomenal and I feel so happy sharing that I’ve learned so much from her, she’s extraordinary and I think you’d agree. She’s the best actress and the finest actress of our times…I really look up to her.”

Sonam also expressed her fondness for the Pakistani entertainment industry while also revealing that she is a huge fan of Pakistani dramas and follows them religiously.

”I know all about what’s happening in Pakistan’s entertainment industry, I know all the celebs, I know everything. Having some really close Pakistani friends, I know Sajal personally, Rabia [Butt] also. I religiously follow Pakistani dramas and I think they’re so amazing,” Sonam added.

Sajal Aly thanked Sonam for her love on her Instagram story, sharing “@sonambajwa, you’re a sweetheart and thank you so much for your love.”

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