In Conversation With The Charismatic Abdullah Qureshi

In Conversation With The Charismatic Abdullah Qureshi

A self-taught musician and singer Abdullah Qureshi who reigns over millions of hearts just sang a melodious song Chan Mahi for Hareem Farooq starrer “Heer Maan Jaa” and I can’t stop gushing over it. Abdullah Qureshi is an NUST graduate and a music enthusiast from an early age. His voice has a melancholic depth to it which soothes the listener and according to me, he can’t go wrong, like ever. Considering my black hole size crush over this talented vocalist, I got in touch with him and asked if he would be kind enough to have a heart to heart with MovieShoovy which he graciously agreed to. So, here’s a piece of our conversation for you all to enjoy and know this charismatic actor a little more.

Q. Tell us a little about your love for Music. How and when did it start?
I think before I started loving music, music loved me because it came to me on its own. I’m not from a musical family and I never learned music from anyone so I think it’s God gifted, and I can never be thankful enough for it. But I started loving music as soon as I discovered the fact that it exists inside. I was 3 or 4 when I started singing (naturally), I used to stand on the bed and jump around with a badminton racket in my hands pretending that its a guitar. Eventually got my hands on a real guitar when I turned 12 and that’s when it started getting a little serious.

Q. Which of your songs is your favorite?

It’s called Dil Mera and it’s not out yet. There, I gave you the name of an unreleased song, haha. It’s going to come out soon insha’Allah, probably in 2-3 months.

Q. When you were starting out as a young singer did you expect that you’ll be loved by so many?

I didn’t know that and to be honest I never did it for the people in the first place. I wasn’t making videos so people can like me, I was just doing it for my own self. It was satisfying. But of course, eventually, when people started loving it a little too much, I realized that okay, this is something serious and I should do this more often, which I did and it brought me here.

Q. Was your family supportive of your career choice?

Always. Although my mom is really religious so she thought that the music in me will go away eventually but when she saw me touring and doing music videos and quitting my job for music, she got a little worried about it, but she never stopped me from doing it. Also, my friends and cousins, they were and still are a huge support, they’re backstage on the concerts every now and then. So yes, I had the required support from the people around me since day 1.

Q. Did you ever go through a period where you just wanted to quit singing?

Not at all, never. But I do think I might do it at some point in my life. Because I’ve seen documentaries on so many musicians going into depression and all, committing suicide, etc, that just makes me think that you know, what if one day I start feeling the same. So that kind of scares me, otherwise, I love music from the deepest darkest cores of my heart.

Q. Your thoughts on the music industry? Do you see a lot of nepotism?

Yes, of course, there’s nepotism. I wouldn’t name anyone, but people who’re winning awards these days aren’t the best, there are better, in fact, way much better musicians out there who aren’t even nominated. It’s just a game that the industry is playing but what they don’t realize is that there’s a lot at stake, people’s careers and lives. But honestly, I don’t take it very seriously. As far as my own self is concerned, I believe that if you keep working hard and consistently, you don’t need the industry, the industry will need you one day. 

Q. Who is your favorite singer?

There are many. Naming one would be very unfair to the rest. But I listen to everything, from eastern classical to western classical to hard rock, everything.

Q. Some words of wisdom for the younger Abdullah Qureshi?

Well, listen to good music because that’s how you will be able to create good music.

Q. Do we have a new album coming our way by you?

I don’t believe in albums because people don’t buy them anymore. I do have new singles planned for sure. I’m releasing one song every month from now on and the frequency might increase as well.

A message to your fans.

I love you all for loving me and my music. Keep supporting and keep sharing my music with the people around you.

Here’s to wishing Abdullah Qureshi all the best in his future endeavors!
Still hyperventilating like the fangirl that I am

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