Hunain Bilal – Nation Mourns The Murder Of A Teenager

Hunain Bilal – Nation Mourns The Murder Of A Teenager

What have we come to as a society? Why can’t we consider our children safe in the place that’s like a second home to them? Why are our children now subjected to cruelty and abuse at the hands of the people referred to as second mothers i.e. teachers.

The latest incident where a teenager, Hafiz Bilal Hunain, a student of 10th class in a private school in Lahore murdered by his teacher, has definitely shaken the nation. How can a teacher be so atrocious as to beat the life out of a poor child; a child, who was entrusted in his care?

According to Hunain’s friends and the FIR registered against the teacher, Hunain repeatedly punched by the teacher on the pretext of not having memorized his lesson. The boy pleaded to be let go of but the teacher didn’t pay heed until he collapsed and passed away on the spot.

The incident has gone viral on the social media and rightfully so, people, alongside celebrities in Pakistan are demanding justice, asking the authorities to take immediate action against the school and the teacher responsible for Hunain’s murder.

Nadia Hussain, supermodel, and actress too took to her Twitter and demanded an explanation for what actually going on in schools over the pretext of teaching children.

Writer and producer Asma Nabeel who is famous for picking up issues and highlighting them with the power of her pen also shared her two cents on the issue

Another angel gone too soon. #HunainBilal went to school and NEVER came back.Why?Because his teacher KILLED him! 💔…

Posted by Asma Nabeel on Friday, September 6, 2019

Syeda Tuba Aamir also took to her social media to highlight the issue, stating how important it was to trend the hashtag so that people got up and took notice of the atrocities

Producer, Director Rafay Rashidi also took to his social media to raise his voice so that it could reach the authorities and those suffering in Pakistan could get justice

People and celebrities have been demanding justice for Hunain, asking the authorities to take notice as soon as possible. Here’s an effort from our side as well to create awareness so that Hunain gets the justice he deserves and not ends up like all other hashtags awaiting justice in this cruel society all of us are living in.


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