HOBBS & SHAW Is A Joy Ride For The Fans

HOBBS & SHAW Is A Joy Ride For The Fans

Mountain Dew held the premiere for the most anticipated action film of the year ‘Hobbs and Shaw’ earlier this week at IMAX Township Lahore. An Event by JBnJaws Productions. The event showcased the plethora of local celebrities, promoters and social media influencers who left nothing unturned in their bid to turn Lahore into Beverley Hills.

The evening began with the red carpet (green to be precise in this case). Much to the chagrin of the camera guys, even the not so celebrity-like figures wasted little chance to get snapped.

It was refreshing to see a large number of families that turned up for the event. Elderly and children alike were looking forward to Hobbs and Shaw lighting the evening up.

Other pre-screening activities involved a fun-filled rapid fire round with the audience. The host reminisced the entire franchise and asked the audience to name their favorite cars and actors from the series. (Seems like these guys been watching the wrong series since none of them mentioned the Bugatti Veron from Furious 7).

The other center of attraction was the heavy Motorbike on display in one corner (okay, there wasn’t enough space to fit a car in but still a bike at a Fast and Furious premiere is a bit odd).

Both the movie and the caramel popcorns lived up to the hype and expectation. As is the case with the Fast and Furious movies, they keep you on the edge of your seat for the complete 2 hours.

Though it doesn’t contain a 1v1 racing scene the frequent run-chase scenes give the Fast and Furious fans a much needed ‘ride’ down the memory lane.

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Hobbs & Shaw Lives Up to The Hype

The striking feature of the movie has to be the continuous hilarious banter between Hobbs and Shaw (warning: cute, little offensive spoiler ahead). Particularly, the identification scene at the airport (we all know the obsession Desi men have with sizes) produced the biggest giggle of the evening.

The movie is a continuation of the last episode where we see an infusion of technology into the traditional Fast and Furious plot which makes it even more fascinating.

Overall, the movie ticks most of the boxes if you are looking for excitement at the end of another long, dull day. There’s never a bad time to see a Fast and Furious movie in your closest cinema and Hobbs and Shaw will definitely not make you regret that decision. Well, unless someone spurts his drink on your newly polished boots.

Let’s have a look who attended Hobbs & Shaw Premiere


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