Hassad – A Tale Of Jealousy And Love

Hassad – A Tale Of Jealousy And Love

Hassad is making headlines these days, with each episode trending on YouTube. The drama stars Minal Khan as Naintara and what an outclass performance. Noor Hassan is Farhan, Arij Fatima is Zareen while Sahroz Subzwari plays Armaan.

The storyline of Hassad is all about the fact that being envious and jealous of someone can only lead to your own unhappiness. The simple, sweet and kind Naintara faces hate and envy from Zareen. The two sisters-in-law have a bitter relationship only because Zareen can’t stop being envious.

It is a great and realistic storyline, where a household faces inbalance due to the habits and nature of one individual. Zareen is the green-eyed monster that wishes to destroy Naintara’s life.

The death of Armaan and Farhan’s marriage with Naintara leaves Zareen more paranoid and insane. The envy that bubbles are truly lethal for everyone in the family.

Minal Khan’s Performance in HASSAD is Out-standing and is winning hearts

The grudge between Zareen and Naintara is being to boil as Zareen’s mother is now planning something. The episode teaser shows how Zareen is manipulating the doctor to save Naintara while trying to gain control of the property.

Naintara and Farhan are struggling together and all seems to be at peak of hate and love combine. The audience awaits that they both should unite and show that nothing can stop love. Zareen is always predicted to be left alone and in sadness for her evil deeds. But time will tell what happens next.

The drama Hassad os airing on ARY Digital and is available online of the ARY Digital YouTube Channel.


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