Hajra Yamin Taking The Industry By Storm With Her New drama Serial AAS

Hajra Yamin Taking The Industry By Storm With Her New drama Serial AAS

AAS, a drama serial on TvOne directed by Ali Farhan, produced by Zeekay Films and with a powerful script written by Sarwat Nazir, aired last week. In its first episode, we are shown 3 friends who go to university together and are introduced to their immensely diverse characters as well as families.

In Drama AAS Hania (Hajra Yamin) is this bubbly, cheerful, full-of-life girl who belongs to a well off family and a dado who’s always trying to get her married. Not to mention she’s got a huge crush on Safeer! With her happy-go-lucky spirit, she is definitely a friend you’d want to hang out with! The best part about her character is that it’s being played by someone whose expressions seem incredibly genuine which makes us fall in love with the character even more. It’s as if Hajra Yamin, instead of acting like Hania, completely became her with everything so perfectly portrayed!

Safeer (Mirza Zain Baig) is an extremely down-to-earth and humble guy who belongs to a family with a middle class background with a father who, regardless of how awfully expensive his son’s fee is, does anything and everything he can in order to ensure that his son gets good education and a shot at a successful future. Furthermore, it seems as if he knows about Hania’s feelings yet we never witness some sort of response!

Lastly, Afzal is shown to be that annoying friend who always tags along everywhere even without an invite and clearly he seems to have a thing for Hania.

The episode comes to an end with us trying to figure out if Safeer likes Hania back or not–leaving us in utter confusion!

The second episode starts off with a new character played by Arsalan Butt being introduced as this spoiled, rich guy who never takes anything seriously. We witness his dad having a talk with him regarding his carefree behavior and a girl he hopes for his son to marry.

We are further shown more of Hania’s dado’s conservative nature when Hania brings over both her friends and how she sees even simple things as boys and girls being friends as somewhat absurd. We can also see her paying attention to materialistic things more as she constantly enquires Safeer regarding his background and father’s pay in quite a demeaning manner.

Amidst all this, we witness how Safeer’s dad put their house on the mortgage in order to pay his son’s fee and how his other son Fareed and his wife majorly object to it.

Lastly, we see Afzal’s jealousy growing more and more as he sees Hania spending time with Safeer and preferring his company rather than Afzal’s. The episode ends with Afzal stirring up a plan to make things hard for Safeer and make him feel bad as he invites him to help arrange a costly birthday surprise for Hania.

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