Gossip Girl Is Returning To TV

Gossip Girl Is Returning To TV

The group of our favorite teenagers is returning to TV thanks to HBO Max. Yes!! Gossip Girl is being rebooted as a series. Joshua Safran (a writer and executive producer on the original show) will also be helping the new producers for the first few episodes. It’s not clear yet whether any “Gossip Girl” stars will return, but Safran described this as an “extension” of the previous show, focusing on a new generation of teenagers. These new actors have some big shoes to fill because Gossip Girl was as scandalous as it gets and every actor fit into the story like the right puzzle piece. While we are waiting rather impatiently for the latest version to drop here are some life lessons the OG Gossip Girl taught us.

People make mistakes, but everything can be fixed
How many times did Serena mess up or Chuck lost control or Blair did something unimaginable but Gossip Girl taught us that returning home is always possible if you truly want it. Every mistake is fixable and with right people, you are never a lost cause. I hope we all find such people who forgive us and accept us back with open hearts when we return after wandering off.

Hard work is the key to your dreams
Chuck became a force to reckon within the hotel industry only when he decided to step it up and work hard for his passion. Nate became the head of a media company only when he stepped out of his grandfather’s shadow. That’s the message the show gives you over and over again that if you want something, you’ve got to work for it. Nothing worth having comes easy even if you are Manhattan’s elite.

Family comes first and family is not only those who share your DNA
The group of these rowdy teenagers had a lot of differences. They taunted and they fought but they always stuck their necks out for each other. Whenever an outsider threatened their secrets they came together like a group of honeybees. It taught us that family will always come first and sometimes family isn’t only those who share our parents.

You never truly know anyone
Well if you have seen the show you probably know the true identity of gossip girl and was it, someone, you expected? Probably not! Because people either surprise you or shock you. You never truly know anyone besides yourself and if that’s not something to mull over I don’t know what is.

“Gossip Girl” initially aired from 2007 to 2012 but it still lives on because of the iconic performances of its actors. I can’t wait to see what the remake has in store for us!

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