FPWF19 Day 1: A Not So Fashionable Start To The Fashion Week!

FPWF19 Day 1: A Not So Fashionable Start To The Fashion Week!

From Alkaram’s latest La vie en rose collection featuring florals of all kinds to Boheme bringing ethnic chunri and mirror work of all kinds to the floor. From Hasan Riaz’s so-called extraordinary designs to Yasmin Zaman’s very ordinary embroidery and Ayesha Farook bringing boring silhouettes to the ramp, the FPWF’19 day 1 opened with a not so fashionable start.

Although only five designers and brands including Alkaram Studios, Boheme, Hasan Riaz, Yasmeen Zaman, and Ayesha Farook showcased on day one, the entire collections did not really excite the audience and the weather of Karachi didn’t really help much either.

Perhaps it was the heat in the city or the overall lack of enthusiasm in the entire event or maybe, just average and above-average collections showcased, day one is a horrible opening.

Alkaram Studios

Alkaram Studios opened the show brought to the ramp its La vie en rose collection. The collection was very true to its theme, bringing out designs with a lot of ruffles, pleats and big bows. Floral prints in all shades of rose from light petal pinks and silvers to deep maroons and gold, the Alkaram collection seemed impressive in its entirety.

Ayeza Khan and Muneeb Butt show-stopped for the brand but we just wish, Ayeza had been given a better fitting outfit. And the horrifically deformed bow pinned in the back! The red wine-colored concoction with its embellished velvet didn’t exactly look like a show-stopping outfit.

Boheme By Kanwal

There was nothing flamboyant about the Boheme by Kanwal collection this time. Although their fusion of ethnic chunris, gotta and mirror work alongside chapattis came across as confused. Even the red angarkha, plucked right out of the Mughal Era on the male model and topped off with blue velvet failed to make an impression and entice the audience. This wasn’t Boheme at its very best and it was easy to tell.

Gogi by Hassan Riaz

Hassan Riaz’s collection was called, Lost In My French Garden and it did seem, with its untidy silhouettes and a neon color palette, Riaz did get lost and couldn’t find his way out. All the ruffles, frills and hats on the female models came across as a mismatch, presenting an overall, very colorful yet unpleasant to the eye collection. Some of the yellow pieces although are worthy of event appearances.

Yasmin Zaman

We’d call it playing safe for Yasmin Zaman. The designer showcased very basic and simple embroideries that will appeal to the masses on retail racks. Zaman chooses a winter befitting color pallete with shades of olive green, red and cream, which after all the vibrancy from the Hassan Riaz show was a definite welcoming change. We wish she had chosen a better piece for Sarwat Gillani.

Ayesha Farook

Silky flowing kaftans and fitted boleros, Ayesha Farook’s vibrant collection featuring tunics with billowing sleeves and so much silk will perhaps only appeal to a certain class of clients. For us, it wasn’t really a much wearable collection and the color pallete, with its oranges, greens and yellows seemed more suitable for a summer party than a winter festive collection.

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