FPWF’19 Day 02: Fashion statements and energies soar high!

FPWF’19 Day 02: Fashion statements and energies soar high!

Where day one initially put a damper on our fashionable spirits, day two made sure all the correct statements were made (a few glitches are forgivable) and energies soar high at the FPWF 19 Day 2.

While celebrity designer Stella Jean, flew in from Milan to bridge the fashion gap between Italy and Pakistan and showcase the talent of Kalashi craftswomen, our very own designers made sure day two turned out to be fashion extravaganza, making up for all that lacked on day one.

Here’s a rundown FPWF 19 Day 2 of the collection and what pleased us on the ramp last night.

Stella Jean

So, the second day was opened by an international designer, Stella Jean, setting the bar very high for the rest of the lineup to meet. Stella Jean, brought her A-game from the Milan Fashion Week to Pakistan, showcasing pieces that had been made and inspired by the handwork of women in Kalash, Pakistan.

Flowing silhouettes with exotic handwork of the Kalash craftswomen, embroideries straight from the heart of Pakistan to pieces stitched to modern day liking and perfection, Stella Jean’s collection was beautiful, clean and just about perfect.

Humayun Alamgir

Humayun Alamgir’s collection was called ‘Style Mara Tou Darna Kya’ and alongside the models, had our favorite television hunks taking the ramp, dancing to the beats of the music and bringing across some real energy, showcasing a funky and flamboyant collection. The hyperactivity added some mood swings Atlast!

Well cut jackets and suits, clear lines and crisp designs, Humayun Alamgir’s collection will definitely do good on the retail racks once again, however, it did nothing for the fashion week though since its not something we’ve not seen before.

Pink Tree Company

Gota and zardozi work, embellished ghagras, lehengas, anarkalis, and baggy kurtas in absolutely beautiful shades of pinks, greens and oranges, the collection brought forward by the Pink Tree Company was simply exquisite. Although the collection’s styling could be called very basic, it was beautiful to look at without all the unnecessary layering or complicated patterns. Navin Waqar’s and Sunita’s dress almost looked similar.

Zuria Dor

Now that’s what we call a confused collection pallete. Zuria Dor brought forward a mix plate of westerns and then desi traditional bridal couture complete with embellished lehengas and saris. As far as the western cuts were concerned, the collection with its whites and solid color pairing was basic but wearable. Again a collection well made for the retail rack.

However, the couture collection not only confused the audience, it called for a comparison with what was put forward by the Pink Tree Company, and then appeared to be unexciting as a result.


Good prints, bad silhouettes. As much as we personally love buying Zellbury over the counter, the collection at FPWF’19 was rather unimpressive when it came to the cuts and lines. Although we loved the prints, the polka dots, and the geometrics, the brand let go of wear-ability in favor of odd concoctions on the ramp.


understanding well its niche customer, Splash brought about the best collection for high street fashion. The collection put together some amazing pieces for both men and women, which, we’d definitely want to see available in the brand’s stores soon. Jackets, jeans, tank tops, perfect layers were right in line with the ‘winter’ theme of the fashion show, presenting a well managed and very trendy collection by Splash.

Maheen Khan

Maheen Khan’s eclectic sense of fashion shone through her beautiful collection as the final showcase of day two at FPWF’19. Khan went for oversized apparel items in her collection using beautifully flowing silks and vibrant hues. Maheen Khan’s collection was modern, stylish, comfortable and as we like to put it, made for all. No size or style discrimination here. No matter what size you are, you would be able to simply pick and rock a piece from Maheen Khan’s collection for FPWF’19. A winner for us!

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