Film Review: BAAJI Is Worth Every Penny

Film Review: BAAJI Is Worth Every Penny

The film BAAJI is been under hype for a long time now and it has finally graced the silver screens across the globe. The opening weekend is here and the crowds look pleased leaving the theaters.

BAAJI Review Is Here

Baaji is a story of power, fame, glamour and all the consequences that follow. The characters include Superstar Shameera, Neha Ali, Rami and Rohail Ali with all the supporting 🌟 stars.

At a late night show in an almost full house, Baaji is a promising display of good direction, screen presences and an effort for really make things bigger in Lollywood.

The crowd enjoys the humor, thrill and sudden twists and turns. The film takes you into the life of a dying star that will not let her fame fly off.

The story is close to reality of original Pakistani cinema stars the once donned the sliver screen. The cheap politics, illegitimate affairs, leaked sex videos and personal quarrels.

Nayyar Ejaz, a living legend kills it in BAAJI

The living legend, Nayyar Ejaz from his entry to exit plays Chand Kamal, a character you will remember forever. Kamal is a trout of the cinema and stage industry finding diamonds 💎 in the rough. With hints of everything glamours and fancy, Nayyar really makes you LOL.

Meera is indeed a superstar, she plays an almost realistic character of Shameera. At times shot without makeup and in her comfort zone, she stuns the audience. Her personality disorder, her fears and even more her fading glam all can be seen oozing out of the screen.

Saqib Malik really pulls out the fame hunger out of her onto the screen. Her accent at times might seem to shake but imaging her as Shameera it all works out.

The Glitz, Glory, and Glamour Makes BAAJI Spontaneous

Aamna Ilyas is a heart winner in the film. Good looks, good moves, good dialogues, and even better screen presence makes her the next big thing. There are points where you find her to completely overrules the screen. But she keeps her character Neha more stable and elegant throughout the film.

Ali Kazmi as Shameera’s lover is very appealing. He makes the crazy Romeo pop out. Nishoo Begum plays the typical APPI of Shameera. Back in Lahore, these Appi characters were the kingmakers. Close to the Pakistani cinema realities, the background homework of the film makes it something very relatable.

Intimacy under censorship is still intimacy and adds spice to BAAJI

Mohsin Haider as supporting cast really play it off well. Osman Khalid Butt as an American Return is a nice fitting role. All have managed to be just with their assigned roles, under Saqib Malik’s brilliant debut direction.

Saqib Malik has truly done good use of his personal PR, by adding in cameos of various faces like Yasir Hussain, Humayun Saeed, Frieha Altaf, Begum Nawazish Ali, Akif Ilyas, Tapu Javeri, Deepak Perwani, Ali Azmat, Nooray Bhatti and Angelina Malik. These cameos help make the feel of real Lollywood of this era shines out. Parties, launches and all the real drama of the stars.

Mehwish Hayat in her dancing aurora turns heads. The choreography is good throughout the film.

The item song Gangster Guriya looks great but is short on lyrics. The songwriter had zero skills of writing a catchy item number. So, it kinda went to the waste, as it’s easily forgettable.

The film is not perfect, but it’s a blockbuster. It might not be the one that will shatter screen records worldwide but it is a good watch. And raises the bar for the upcoming movies and films. It is a better option to see that the other recent releases indeed.

Our BAAJI REVIEW Is A good 4 out of 5 for being a good watch.

BAAJI THE FILM Review 4 stars
BAAJI THE FILM Review 4 stars

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