Faysal Quraishi Exposes Feudal Lord Mentality In Muqaddar!

Faysal Quraishi Exposes Feudal Lord Mentality In Muqaddar!

Muqaddar is the unconventional story of power games, ethics, and love. It centers around the story of a feudal lord Sardar Saif, who believes that he can attain anything and everything without anyone’s consent even if it were another human. Superstar Faysal Quraishi and the young actress Madiha Imam nail the character of the feudal lord and his victim. In the recent episodes, the play has taken a drastic turn as Raima (played by Madiha Imam) gets abducted by Saif Sardar’s (played by Faysal Quraishi) goons.

Faysal Quraishi in Drama Serial Muqaddar

Essentially, the topic of the show (so far) is consent and Sardar Saif’s lack of understanding that concept. In the last episode, we saw Raima and Haaris (played by Ali Ansari) planning for a future together. However, things change when Raima interviews Sardar Saif for a radio show and he falls for her. He immediately decides that he must have her, treating her like an object to be attained. In episode 4, Raima makes it clear to him that she’s not interested and Sardar still approaches her uncle making his intention crystal clear while also threatening to kill Harris. The situation becomes tenser when Raima does not come home from work.

In episode 5, Raima is abducted and held hostage at Sardar’s secret hideout. She screams, cries, and begs to let go. There were many scenes of Raima crying until the end of the episode where she finally comes face-to-face with Sardar Saif and realizes that he’s her kidnapper.

Through the rest of the episode, Haaris searches for Raima in the hospitals and on the streets, believing she’s hurt but then finally, his parents inform him of the situation. Haaris heads out to speak to the police who were unhelpful and unwilling to go against the Sardar. Some focus is placed upon Sardar’s son-in-law and daughter; Saad (played by Haroon Shahid) and Abeera’s (played by Sabeena Farooq) storyline where Abeera does not have any interest in Saad and shows interest in another man.

Sardar Saif’s feudal mentality is exposed once again. Like the ruthless ignorant primitives, he maintains a loyal but cruel force that is willing to do anything for him. The behavior of his domestic workers shows that it is a normal thing for them to mistreat his enemies. His secret safe haven, where he has detained poor Raima is an allusion to his previous heinous crimes. The recent episodes of the drama kept the audience on the edge of their seats and now we just can’t wait to see what Sardar Saif’s next move will be!

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