Fashion Police: The Slayers & The Failures At The Hum Awards 19 Red Carpet

Fashion Police: The Slayers & The Failures At The Hum Awards 19 Red Carpet

While the Hum Awards 19 turned out to be a gala affair in Houston, the red carpet this time around disappointed more when it came to fashion. We have seen our starlets slay at the red carpets more than often, but this time around, what we witnessed was more disastrous rather than fashionable.

It seemed green, and shades of green were dominant throughout the evening with desi attires in pastel colors running for the second spot.

Here, a spot for yourself what we liked and what we found as a complete failure when it comes to fashion at the Hum Awards 19 red carpet.

Iqra Aziz

Although Iqra has always been very cautious about her fashion choices, this time, the lady of the hour went wrong with her apparel. The Nomi Ansari ensemble with the ruffles, frills and of course the very blingy and close to neon green color, didn’t really do well for the onlookers.

Sanam Jung

We really admire the hard work Sanam has put to being back in shape, but dear, a figure-hugging dress with stripes in bold colors of blue and silver, just too cringe-worthy Sanam. The actress went for a Maheen Karim number that did absolutely nothing for her on the red carpet this year. However, we did like the Sana Safinaz number she pulled on for her hosting.

Kinza Hashmi

Perhaps frills and ruffles are the ‘in’ thing this season, but again, they didn’t do the trick for the gorgeous Kinza Hashmi as well.

Amar Khan

Now, if there’s one woman for whom the ruffles worked, it had to be Amar Khan. The lady absolutely slayed in her Ifrah Humayun number in blue. Top that up with Amar’s swag and her makeup, that’s a full 100 on 100.

Mawra Hocane

Seems like Mawra had literally dressed for a mehendi event in her traditional ghagra in the shades of green. Points to Mawra for going desi, but no, the ghagra was a complete fashion disaster.

Yumna Zaidi

While she excels in the talent department, we really don’t know what went down with Yumna’s ensemble at the Hum Awards red carpet. It looked like an absolute disaster.

Sarah Khan

Now that’s what we call a complete winner. Sarah kept her look simple in a traditional anarkali that looked simply gorgeous in its tones of whites and gold. Perhaps it was too safe a combination but full points to Sarah for looking absolutely beautiful in her ensemble.

Hajra Yamin

Trust this lady to turn up the funk! Hajra Yamin looked absolutely confident and gorgeous in her vibrant Hussain Rehar number, a look, that would have been impossible for anyone else to pull off.

Kubra Khan

What was Kubra even thinking with the dress she wore on the red carpet? Who puts ruffles with a slit and try to give their dress a desi touch? Kubra’s look on the red carpet this year, was nothing short of cringe worthy please!

Ayesha Omar

The gorgeous diva in her red number was not something we haven’t seen her pull off before. Ayesha’s Nomi Ansari ensemble, again with its ruffles, was highly Hollywood inspired and looked rather safe. We expect more from Ayesha as her style sense is something absolutely wonderful, but this time around, we were a bit surprised.

Ayesha’s second look for the evening came from Elan and that too did nothing to wow the audience or the on lookers. We’d describe it scanty and skimpy at best.

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