Ever Wondered Who’d Play Whom If Money Heist Was Made In Pakistan, Ever!

Ever Wondered Who’d Play Whom If Money Heist Was Made In Pakistan, Ever!

Calling out to all Money Heist Pakistani fans. Have you ever wondered how would your favorite show looked if it was made in Pakistan? Who could play what role? There’s been a debate on the internet for some time now, so we thought to make it easier for you.

Here’s who we have picked for the central characters of Money Heist season 1. Tell us what you think about the picks!

Fahad Mustafa as the Professor
Although a popular choice for this role has been Fawad Khan on social media but we believe its just the resemblance that has been convincing people. The kind of body language and attitude the Professor portrays, Fahad Mustafa is thoroughly capable of. Haven’t you guys seen him perform in Main Abdul Qadir Hoon, Mustafa’s acting was spot on!

Adnan Siddiqui as Berlin
Adnan Siddiqui without a doubt. The finesse, sophistication, and authority that Berlin portrayed in the first seasons of Money Heist, without a doubt, Adnan Siddiqui would be the perfect choice for the role.

Ahmed Ali Butt as Angel
He’s reliable, he’s sturdy and he’s trustworthy, all three traits Ahmed Ali Butt can carry off with his remarkable personality and a chameleon-like nature which allows him to adjust in any role.

Shehroz Sabzwari as Rio
Rio’s immature, a lover boy and yet reliable when needed. Shahroz Sabzwari as Rio would be absolutely perfect with his boyish good looks and an adorable charm.

Ali Zafar as Denver
Rough, tough and solid, Ali Zafar would fit the bill perfectly as Denver.

Rehan Sheikh as Moscow
Rehan Sheikh would be the perfect choice to play Moscow, a devout father, and a hardened digger. Rehan Sheikh’s warm personality and his acting talents would be best for portraying Moscow.

Moammar Rana as Oslo
Give him a beard and beef Momi up and he’d be the best Oslo from Pakistan. Considering how he played the role of a warrior in Azaadi, Momi is perhaps the best choice for Oslo in our Money Heist casting.

Ali Azmat as Helsinki
Okay, give credit to his bald head for us choosing Ali as Helsinki but beefed up a bit, Ali Azmat would fit like a glove in the character of the burly Helsinki who’s a sweetheart inside.

Hira Mani as Nairobi
Collected, shrewd and very sharp, Nairobi’s character would be best played by Hira Mani. Hira is a talented actress and she fits into the skin of whatever character that comes her way.

Faryal Mehmood as Tokyo
We need a woman who’s badass and who isn’t afraid to shoot down a cop or two. Faryal Mehmood with her cool attitude and spunk is perhaps the best option when it comes to choosing who’d play Tokyo if Money Heist was ever made in Pakistan.

Faysal Qureshi as Arturo Roman
Faysal Qureshi would be the perfect choice to play Roman. He schemes and he’s a charmer, considering how Faisal carried the role of Aashiq well in Rang Laga, he’s our perfect choice to play Roman.

Mehwish Hayat as Inspector Raquel
We had a strong tie between Sanam Saeed and Mehwish Hayat but considering Hayat’s strong personality, her kickass attitude and her stature, she fits the character description of Raquel almost perfectly.

Shamoon Abbasi as Colonel Prietto
Shamoon Abbasi has got the looks, the authority and the person to carry Prietto amazingly.

Casting director, producers, and writers take notice. In case you’re interested in adopting the Money Heist storyline for Pakistan, here’s a list of characters you can use.

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