Deepak Perwani Puts SAPPHIRE In Hot Water

Deepak Perwani Puts SAPPHIRE In Hot Water

Celebrity Designer, Deepak Perwani is known for his brilliant formals and great designs throughout the world. He is the GURU of the Pakistani fashion industry and many follow him. The designer recently has taken up an issue on social media which is putting Sapphire in hot waters.

Deepak Perwani uploads a photo of his design and design from Sapphire latest collection titling it as “COPIED”.

Now, the colors and work look similar except a few changes. The Diet Parada moment has everyone saying when will it stop. An official statement by Sapphire also has been given to Deepak Perwani but the item is still on sale.

Deepak Perwani Posted on Instagram

Copying and pulling it off is not going to work any longer. Many famed designers and brands suffer from design plagiarism and now its time to stop. Many comments suggest it’s just the hip color tones that in a match but its more than just that.

The design, the cut, the combination, and the work seem awfully familiar. And for a name like Deepak to step up and complain it means serious business.

As for now, it is a bad little copy and no one will let it go that easy. The Guru of Pakistani fashion will not tolerate this anymore. We have seen a lot of mess but this seems like a big one.

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