#COVID19: Fakhre Alam urges PM Imran Khan for a complete clampdown in the country

#COVID19: Fakhre Alam urges PM Imran Khan for a complete clampdown in the country

Fakhre Alam took to social media and posted a video based on the precautions for COVID-19. Furthermore, he added a message which was indistinctly for PM Imran Khan.

Alam said, “Dear honourable Prime Minister, we all know that you have a lot of compassion for everyone, but especially Pakistanis. There’s no doubt about that. But I know this will be the ultimate challenge of your leadership.”

“As a humble citizen, I want to say that on the one side the government has appealed to the citizens that they stay at home and practice social distancing. But as a result of that, the lower-income bracket and the daily wage earner is also affected by that decision, as people are not going out or going to work, so the daily earner is not earning anything as it is.”

Alam wants to help the Prime Minister in order to mitigate the spread of coronavirus, therefore he has given some substituting solutions to be acted upon.

“I suggest we create rationing depot at different points in our cities, especially those areas where the lower-income bracket resides. And we implement a complete two-week curfew, so we can mitigate this disease and the process of mass infection. Secondly, school fee needs to be written off as parents are not going to work and need their resources and utility bills need to be deferred, so there’s less pressure on the country as a whole.”

He further added that the citizens of Pakistan are still not taking this matter seriously hence a complete curfew-like situation is the need of the hour.

He reiterated that in this case, PM Khan will not have the luxury to go back and change the decisions he makes today.

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