Coronavirus scare: Here’s What Happened With Maria B. And Her Husband

Coronavirus scare: Here’s What Happened With Maria B. And Her Husband

The entire world has been dealing with the global pandemic coronavirus and just like everyone, Pakistan too has been suffering from the worst. Amidst the growing number of coronavirus cases, there has been lockdown in the entire province of Sindh.

But what should we do when responsible adults of this society, go and act irresponsibly. No matter what the circumstances are when we know the pandemic is getting really worse, why would one, voluntarily, expose the rest of the world to it. Without even informing anyone. And no, no reason can justify it whatsoever.

Here we’re talking about none other than Maria B. and her husband, who recently came into the news when the husband, Tahir Saeed sent their coronavirus positive servant back to his home putting thousands life at stake and then getting arrested for it.

According to the Lahore police sources, Tahir Saeed, the owner of the popular brand was arrested by the Nishtar colony Police for sending his infected cook away-to his village in Vihari, Punjab, while he had tested positive for coronavirus. FIR has also been registered against Tahir Saeed, Maria B’s husband.

The cook traveled through two buses, infecting 100 of people on his way. His tests were conducted in a private lab and he was sent back home because of his medical condition.

As responsible citizens, Maria and her husband ought to have informed the authorities about the cook, but they choose to stay quiet.

When Tahir Saeed was arrested, Maria then took to social media, urging the prime minister Imran Khan, to take notice of the police’s raid at her house and her husband’s arrest.

Following the video, the police then released Tahir Saeed on bail hours after taking him into custody. Maria and her husband then took to social media to thank the authorities for their cooperation.


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