CHEEKH Last Episode – An Emotional End

CHEEKH Last Episode – An Emotional End

CHEEKH is one of those dramas that leaves on you an unforgettable experience and expression. Cheekh tonight ends on a powerful and important note, the last episode shows us what is the battle of truth and justice all about.

The drama’s Cheekh last episode ends on Waji coming to his eventual end, while Manat stands tall on her victory. Nayab is served justice and despite everything, we are in love with everyone’s acting.

Aijaz Aslam wins hearts with his epic performance in Cheekh

Aijaz Aslam undoubtedly steals the show as a paralyzed handicap. The dripping ūüíß drool, the expressions and the pain in his eyes make Cheekh one of his best performances.

Saba Qamar and Bilal Abbas Khan fuel up emotions of hate, love, and everything else together. The periodic role of Ushna Shah blends in wonderfully. We also are delighted to see Myra Khan in the supporting cast. Though more of her would look great in the drama overall she looks nice.

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Saba Qamar is the only female that can nail the role of Manat. She really truly brings out the feeling of how justice needs to be given. Her solid colors no-makeup looks, the satisfaction in her face while the judgment is given everything is on POINT. Saba Qamar is The reason Cheekh has been a hit.

Bilal Abbas Khan in a negative role deserves to win an award. The performance has proven that he is more than just a pretty face, just a boy next door. His performance in Bala looks so much weaker than what he has done in Cheekh. Bilal Abbas Khan needs a LUX STYLE AWARD next year for this in a negative role for sure. Truly, what a display of talent and art.

Trending number one on Twitter, Cheekh the last episode makes every other drama fall short. Love stories and saas bahu dramas need to be replaced by beautiful scripts like Baaghi, Meri Guriya, Haiwaan, and Cheekh.

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