The Peculiar Case Of Aiman Khan’s Leaked Photos

The Peculiar Case Of Aiman Khan’s Leaked Photos

Aiman Khan had a Baby shower a few days back after which many pictures of the celebration started making the rounds on the internet. The photos that surfaced showed Khan and her close family and friends sharing in her happiness. The internet was also happy for her and best wishes poured in.

The next day, however, Khan took to Instagram visibly upset over the lack of privacy that celebrities get and ranted about how the pictures were leaked without her permission. Being a human being, I share in her anger and agree that everyone has a right to their privacy and when that right is forcefully taken a person feels wronged but here’s what I think about this strange leaking incident.

Here is a screenshot from Aiman Khan story where she seemed furious.

aiman khan lashes out

First, Aiman khan mentioned that it was a private event and she was irked at the people for not respecting her privacy. Now the question arises if it was in fact, such a small gathering where there was no press and only close friends and family attended, how come the pictures were leaked unless it was a close friend or a family member leaking them? hmm…Detective hat on now She also said that someone might have taken the pictures from their windows and circulated them but the pictures I saw were pretty clear and taken from a very close angle where Aiman and friends were directly looking into the camera. So, this doesn’t make sense to me.

Second, and even more important one is that once you decide to become an actor you sign off a waiver giving away your privacy for the most part. You give your fans and paparazzi the right to adore you and click pictures of you. I am always taken aback when celebrities give long Bhaashans on not getting their private space. I understand this might seem unfair but then don’t choose this profession. You know what they say, you can’t have the cake and eat it.

For the most part, this peculiar case of leaked photos is truly beyond me. With so much happening around the world this outburst seemed rather insignificant, also lets just put this outburst of khan on her mommy hormones. Shall we!

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