Media Spreads Fake News of Abid Ali Passing Away

Media Spreads Fake News of Abid Ali Passing Away

We recently brought you the news that veteran actor Abid Ali had been seriously ill and hospitalized. According to the family, Abid Ali had been suffering from a serious illness for the past two months and the doctors had said there was no room for recovery.

Abid Ali’s daughter Rahma Ali, asked his fans for prayers, keeping firm belief in Allah and His miraculous healing powers.

While Abid Ali is still ill, fake news started doing rounds yesterday stating that the veteran actor had passed away. Media houses and publications were quick to jump on the bandwagon and publish the same news without any confirmation.

However, the viral news turned out to be fake. And it has now angered Abid Ali’s family.

Rahma Ali, took to her social media to share a heartfelt message for her father’s health, urging people to at least let him live in peace.

Recently, Abid Ali’s elder daughter, Iman Aly had to take to her social media sharing an endearing picture of her family and requesting prayers for her father’s health.

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Pls pray for papa's health

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